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Growing companies require solutions across the full legal spectrum—to support their rapid growth, address new opportunities and protect their business. With knowledge of international markets and deep experience in the industries you serve, we are the resource for all of your legal needs, from transactional advice to litigation.

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Practice is the best advisor.

Publilius SyrusRoman writer (1st century BC)

Our team of legal experts offers advice and representation to help you manage every aspect of your business.

From transactional advice and strategic planning to litigation, we provide solutions across the full legal spectrum—to support rapid growth, address new opportunities and protect your business. With knowledge of international markets and deep experience in the industries you serve, we are your resource for all of your legal needs.

We advise clients on traditional legal and regulatory issues, but also deal with new technologies. Our lawyers also have expertise in intellectual property issues, including copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret matters.

We help you navigate through complex regulatory requirements and restrictions on foreign entities. We can create new ventures and initiatives, structure specialized commercial agreements, and organize projects on a national and international level.
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As the industry evolves to meet customer demands, we are working to keep your business ahead.

One of the best paths to market penetration is through shared resources and knowledge. Only by understanding trends in regulation, licensing and government policy can you assure strong domestic and international marketing opportunities. Join us to learn the newest legislation and explore where issues are headed; address the most profitable ways to prepare for advancement in wireless technologies; and see how mergers and acquisitions affect growth potential.

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Start-up & Venture Capital

We advise founders at all stages of running a business – from founding a startup to the investment exit process. We focus on creating the foundations and structures necessary to launch profitable ventures and accelerate business growth.

Private clients

Our clients include individuals and their families from different generations, executives from various industries and cultures with businesses in different stages of growth. We understand that each relationship demands a personalized approach, tailored to your needs and designed to serve your individual and specific needs.


We use our experience to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all types of claims, including coverage and liability defense, in all major insurance classes. We specialize in resolving complex claims involving coverage and liability issues. We have the expertise to get the best possible results for your business.


We understand today’s complex business issues, including building global brands through licensing and distribution of your content. We help businesses adapt to new demands and expand into new markets.

Whether you are an online retailer looking to expand your stores or a traditional retailer looking for new ways to do business, our firm will assist with developing business strategy and putting processes in place that allow your business to grow and thrive.

If disputes arise, we will resolve them in a way that meets your goals, preserves your reputation and satisfies your investors.

It is part of our mission to share legal expertise.

Search our resources, blogs and webinars to find out more about the changes in the law that interest you.

Our success is only measured by the success of our clients. Browse our work by industry, market, practice area, lawyer or client and judge for yourself.